Maintenance FAQ

The QPACE program "xyz" cannot be found. "qc" ist not working. Some program complains about "QROOT" not set. ...

To be able to use the QPACE programs you have to set up the variable QROOT and source a configuration file that contains all relevant settings in the following manner:

  • bash
    $> export QROOT=/opt/qroot
    $> soure $QROOT/etc/
  • csh
    $> setenv QROOT /opt/qroot
    $> soure $QROOT/etc/env-admin.csh
The nodes' logfiles are empty or nonexisting. Where are they gone?

To avoid cluttering the nodes' memory with logging messages, syslog is configured to use remote logging. All logging output goes to qmasterJ and qmasterW resp. and can be found in /var/log/nodes/nc-<BP>-<NC>.

How to reset node with IWC exception?

Execute the following command: dcr w iwc 0 0
Check exception status using the command: cat /proc/gs