Metadata catalogue responds MDC_LDG_INVALID_ID

When executing the LTools command linit myEnsemble.xml the metadata catalogue (MDC) may return the error code MDC_LDG_INVALID_ID. This means that the markovChainURI defined in myEnsemble.xml is already in use. Note that this value must be globally unique.

Fail to connect to VOMRS interface via Firefox Problem may have the following causes:
  • If browser complains about The certificate is not trusted click the Or you can add an exception… link and add exception.
  • You have loaded an out-dated Grid certificate into your web browser. In case of Firefox goto Preferences and select Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates -> Your Certificates and check the personal certificate loaded into the browser.
  • The browser is configured for using a proxy server. Disable proxy server if this is the case.
lget returns the following message: The Storage Element type is neither 'srm_v1' nor 'edg-se' The used Grid User Interface may be out-of-date. Check the installed RPMs using the command lrpm -qa.
Why do up-/downloads from storage element at sara.nl or ccsrm02.in2p3.fr fail?

Some storage elements are only accessible using VOMS proxies. To generate such proxies use the command voms-proxy-init --voms ildg. This will generate a proxy certificate with some extensions which which are shown using the command voms-proxy-info --all.