VO membership

Howto become a member of the VO ILDG

Once you have obtained your certificate you can apply for becoming member of the Virual Organisation ILDG using the VOMS service. Perform the following steps:

  • If you received your certificate in PEM format, you will have to convert it into PKCS12 format (it is strongly recommended to use a non-empty export password):

        # cd $HOME/.globus
        # openssl pkcs12 -in usercert.pem -inkey userkey.pem -export -out user.p12
  • Load the PKCS12 format certificate (e.g. $HOME/.globus/user.p12) into your browser.
  • Connect to the ILDG VOMS server https://grid-voms.desy.de:8443/voms/ildg
  • Proceed as follows:
    • Select menu Members
    • Select sub-menu Register
    • Fill form. In particular, you must
      • Specify the institution, which refers to your regional grid
      • Select a representative from your regional grid who will decide on your application
      • NOT change Grid job submission rights (keep setting full)
      • Select a group according to your regional grid
    • Submit

You will be notified by email when you have been added to the VO.